Saturday, 15 June 2013

Return of the Boogeyman - Will's Review

Man oh man, is this going to be a short review.

The 3rd movie in the Boogeyman trilogy is basically a framing device, wrapped around the first film.

I criticised the 2nd film for using too much footage of the first... I take it back. The 3rd entry in the series is probably 80% made up of footage from the first movie, albeit with a new VoiceOver.

This film opens with the intro from the first movie, which is being described by a woman who has visions to her shrink / paranormal investigator.

She then has a vision of the boogeyman killing a woman in a bath (footage which I believe is recycled from the first film).

Along with her shrink they go to warn the people who live at the supposed future murder scene.

For some reason, the 2 or three scenes set in the house of the bath murder are sepia toned.

After failing to stop the killing (which looks like an accident, as is the boogyman's MO), she then proceeds to have visions of the entire first movie, supposedly as they happen (putting this film chronologically right next to the original).

And that's it.


It's just a woman describing every key scene of the first movie, while the first movie is shown to us.


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