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Ilsa She Wolf of the SS - Lisa's Review

* Spoilers *

When completing the 'Video Nasty' challenge, we watched quite a few movies like this.  It's a case of, once you've seen one you've seen them all.  I struggle with one aspect of this one though.  Who the hell was it made with in mind as the audience?

I would imagine the usual audience for sexploitation movies would be men (forgive me if you find that sexist, but I doubt many women get their jollys from this kind of thing and they're hardly made with drama or storyline in mind).  This movie is full of plenty of naked, beautiful young women, mostly of the large breasted variety, but with the premise of the movie in mind, I would imagine men wouldn't particularly enjoy the subject of the experiments which Ilsa is setting out to prove.  She intends to prove that woman can take more pain than men, to enable the government to take another look at laws preventing women to fight in the war alongside men, (you would think not being allowed to fight in a war would be seen as a good thing, but hey ho).

So, what can I tell you?  Lots of large breasted, naked woman being subjected to humiliation, horrible torture and rape, all to the glee of Ilsa and her equally large breasted, low-necklined officers.  The female officers also seem to like to dole out punishment by way of whips with no tops on... funny that...   Tortures shown include a pressure chamber, a bath of water at almost 89 degrees celsius, flogging, wounds being inflicted and filled with disease ridden maggot or gangrene, an electrified vibrator, insertion of horrid objects... the list could go on.  I would add, most torture shown is being carried out on always completely naked women.    There is also a horrid scene of a young woman standing on a block of ice with a noose around her neck.  Obviously as the ice melts she is slowly hung.  This is the centrepiece on the table while a superior officer who has been sent to visit is having dinner with Ilsa and the other officers.  Everyone loves it and look on in awe as the young woman suffers.

In one scene we do get to 'hear' a rather horrid castration being carried out on an unfortunate male prisoner who was unable to satisfy Ilsa sexually.  She continually rapes male prisoners in the quest for a man who can satisfy her.  What I can't understand about this, is how these men who she is subjecting to rape, can achieve an erection and come at all??  Surely it's not a pleasurable experience?

That aside, we don't see much else of men being subjected to anything.  One is being flogged alongside a woman, but apart from the opening scene showing them side by side, the rest of the scene is concentrated on the naked women and the topless officer doing the flogging.

One man who does feature quite strongly in the movie is an american prisoner who finds Ilsa's achilles heel when he is chosen as one of her companions.  She learns that he can control when he 'finishes'.  As her insatiable appetite has never been satisfied, this evil bitch is suddenly under some kind of spell and from then on seems to follow his every command.

This ability is used to manipulate Ilsa into agreeing to be tied to bed in the finale of the movie.  This enables the prisoners to get together and decide, not to escape like you would imagine, but instead to take revenge on the staff of the camp.  The american and his girlfriend (who is also a prisoner), want to run, but the others set to killing as many staff as they can.  In a very hard to believe scene, a woman that was tortured to near death and is burnt all over turns up in the room to exact her revenge on Ilsa.

We have a twist however!!  A superior that was sent into the camp (who it turns out has a penchant for watersports and has Ilsa pee on him) was actually sent there to destroy it before the allies found it, so all of the remaining prisoners are actually shot dead and the camp is burnt down.  Fun Fact: this camp was actually the same set as the one used for Hogans Heros and they were allowed to use it as they would have to pull it all down after.

The final scene is a soldier telling his superior that everyone is dead and all proof of the camp will be removed so the allies will never know it is there, however, we see the american and his girlfriend standing on a hill in the distance.  Dah Dah Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

I'm not quite sure what I thought about the movie.  I honestly don't think it was bad enough to tell you to avoid, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it as I don't find watched naked women being tortured for an hour and a half that entertaining.  If you like this kind of movie, you'll no doubt like this one.

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