Saturday, 8 June 2013

Nekromantik 2 - Lisa's Review

*** SPOILERS ***

I always feel the need to warn of spoilers, even though the chances of anyone reading this review, never mind wanting to watch this movie is virtually nil.

Sooooo, following last weeks offering of Nekromantik, this week we have its sequel.  Is it any better? I'm afraid not.  Is it any worse?  Thankfully not.

The storyline is pretty much the same... odd person who gets her kicks from having sex with a corpse.  There is the same cringeworthy tonguing of aforementioned corpse and wierd sex scenes.  This time we follow a woman (Monika) who ironically digs up the corpse of the fellow Nekrophiliac and star of the first installment (Rob), who we saw commit suicide at the end of the last movie.  As I was watching, I had to mentally rebuff myself for actually treating this dross like it was worth any consideration as I mused that Rob would actually be rather pleased to know what became of him.  The ultimate in erotic for him surely?

The scene where Monika transports Rob home and undresses him is painfully slow and long-winded.  I'm like "Come on already!".  Maybe it was worth the wait to see the awful moment when she removed his trousers and we could see the corpses 'rubber' feet.  Anyways....

Alongside her new beau Rob, Monika also meets Mark (who dubs porn movies) and they immediately hit it off.   Although odd as he is (the scenes of him 'working' are actually pretty funny), even he has problems dealing with just how odd his new girlfriend seems to be.  Granted wanting him to not move an inch during sex and taking photos of him that make him appear to be dead could be considered a bit odd.   You would think her little quirk would be obvious.
When she meets Mark, Monika somewhat reluctantly decides to end things with Rob by cutting him into pieces and storing him in her freezer.  The anatomical inaccuracy here is just astounding and awful.  When it comes down to it though, she is unable to do away with Rob in his entirety, so she decides to keep his decapitated head and genitals.  Amusingly she puts his genitals on a little saucer covered in clingfilm.  Mark actually discovers this little aperitif, yet continues to see Monika... weird man.

As with the first installment, we have another disturbing scene of animal visceration (a seal this time) which seems to have no place in the movie other than to illustrate to Mark, just how weird his new girlfriend is.

The above pretty much sums up the movie believe it or not.  Yup, theres nothing much else to it.  All we have to leave us with is a final sex scene between Monika and Mark, where yet again she is failing to reach any sort of satisfaction, so she decapitates Mark mid coitus (thanks Sheldon).  She then ties off his penis, just to make sure he maintains his erection as his body is in the throes of death spasms.  As if this isn't insulting enough, she replaces his head with the decomposing head of Rob, that she couldn't bear to part with.  Et voila!  Climax achieved!

Oh,  I almost forgot, the movie ends with a doctor walking down a corridor (very slowly) and informing Monika that she is pregnant.

This movie, like its predecessor is pretty awful.  The porn dubbing scenes are quite amusing and I will admit to the decapitation scene at the end being quite disturbing, but I think that's more due to me thinking about it too much, rather than any credit to the film maker.  I don't have a great deal positive to say, so as with Nekromantik, I slap a big fat 'Avoid' on its backside.

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  1. Both of us referred to the decapitation as "mid coitus". I love that.