Saturday, 15 June 2013

Return of the Boogeyman - Lisa's Review

I'm not going to waste a lot of time on this weeks review, as to be honest there's very little to say.

Last year, myself and Will set ourselves the challenge to watch and review all of the movies on the DPP List (find our reviews HERE).  Amongst these movies were The Boogeyman and Revenge of the Boogeyman, the first 2 movies in this trilogy.  I give you links to these movies, purely as this movie is quite simply a rehash of flashbacks from The Boogeyman with a few minutes of new (and extremely poor) footage.  Revenge of the Boogeyman oddly enough was also a rehash of The Boogeyman.... Are they honestly so proud of this movie, they desire to make it 3 times???

This time we are treated to flashbacks to the first movie by way of visions of a supposed psychic who narrates over everything that is happening in every scene in a really monotone voice, to allow her psychiatrist an idea of what's going on.  It's honestly like some kind of help for ridiculously stupid people who always want to know 'what's happening?'... maybe they should introduce this option alongside subtitles?

Whether it's due to this movie being so mind numbingly dull, or whether it's down to my own confusion, I couldn't work out whether the main character was flashing back to these murders, was supposedly fortelling the murders or whether the story was supposedly running concurrently?  All 3 options are mentioned during the movie?  I just found the whole thing very confusing... and I've pretty much watched it all before, TWICE!

Also the main character from the first movie - Lacey, is called Natalie in this movie?  Surely if the basis of this movie is that it's a rehash of the first movie, then they could at least get their facts right?
In fact there are numerous discrepencies between this movie and the original.

There's not a lot else I can add I'm afraid.  Only watch if you are in love with the original movie and wouldn't mind watching most of it again.  I for one have seen that radio hit the bath more times than I ever needed to.

As with the previous 2... AVOID.

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