Saturday, 22 June 2013

Boogeyman 2 - Will's Review

As with last week, this will be a short review, and for much the same reason.

First, the (slightly) interesting bit; why this film exists:

Ulli Lommel was credited as director for both the original The Boogeyman, and first sequel, Revenge of The Boogyman, but in truth his Revenge credit only exists because of the footage recycled from the original. All the new stuff about the people trying to make a movie of the events in the first film, were directed by a 2nd unit director. Lommel decided that he wanted to make a directors cut of the 2nd film, and so Boogeyman 2: Redux was born.

Aside from a few very brief glimpses, all either in black and white or fast forward, all of the 2nd unit footage has been excised, leaving.... only footage from the first film.

To get around that, Lommel himself has taken the roll of the director from the first movie (the one who was trying to film the Stab, to Boogyman's Scream) and filmed some VHS footage of himself being interviewed by an off screen policewoman, about the murders that happened on set (that is to say, the new murders from Revenge).

Rather than recounting anything about the murders though, he instead recounts the story that Lacy told him, which was to form his new movie.

In other words, we get the entire first movie, with narration, and an occasional cutaway to new footage. AGAIN.

Boogeyman was barely worth watching once, it certainly isn't good enough to sell 4 times!


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