Saturday, 22 June 2013

Boogeyman 2 - Redux - Lisa's Review

Having now watched Boogeyman, Return of The Boogeyman, Revenge of The Boogeyman and now Boogeyman 2 - Redux, I'm not going to waste a lot of time on this review.  If you have any interest in The Boogeyman at all, just watch the first one.  The rest are basically a rehash of it anyway.

This movie is sadly no different.  Of the running time, about 90% is made up of footage of the original Boogeyman movie.  Believe it or not, they managed to get some footage from the second one in there too.  The only piece of footage that is new is an interspersed police interview with Ulli Lommel  (conducted 22 years after the event) that is being conducted.  He claims to have no proper recollection of the events, but manages to narrate the entire events that happen in the first movie.

I'm afraid folks, there is absolutely nothing more to it.  It seems Ulli Lommel wanted to create what he feels SHOULD have been the sequel to the original, so he completely ignored the fact Boogeyman 2 has already been made.

Sorry for the scant review, but really this movie should never have been released.  Big fat avoid obviously.

I spent the extra time tonight watching next weeks movie to review as I won't be available next week.

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