Saturday, 20 April 2013

Run! Bitch Run! - Will's review

Before watching this weeks movie, I wasn't sure from the trailer if it were an parody of the rape revenge / exploitation movies of the 70's and 80's, or an homage to them.

In truth, it's a love letter to them.

Aside from the fact it was clearly shot on video or DV (rather than film) there is nothing here to tell us that Run! Bitch Run! Is not a genuine 70s exploitation movie; Happily though, the makers spared us the "distressed film" and "dust and scratches" filters, that everyone making an exploitation movie post-Grindhouse seems to think are mandatory.

And yet, for all that, it has a certain... I want to say 'attitude' to it that borders on, but isn't quite irony. I can't say for certain whether this attitude is built into the movie (possible; it does have a Tarantino-lite feel to it) or whether it existed entirely in my head, knowing that this film is just a few years old.

But whether this something that the film has is real or imagined, it certainly results in a fun viewing experience.

Sexual Assault played for titilation is one of the few (staged) things a movie can do to piss me off on taste grounds; but here, when the first assault (a girl-on-girl one) is played this way, I found myself thinking "yeah, exploitation movies were like that, weren't they‽" rather than "sick fuckers - rape is not sexy".

On the subject of sexy - I personally do not understood why some people watch 'real' films in order to see some skin (thats what the internet is for) but if you are the kind of person who watches narrative movies to look at boobies, you won't be disappointed by the first half of this film, during which boobies of all shapes, sizes and colours are flaunted for your viewing pleasure.

Story wise... Well; it's a rape revenge film. 2 girls on a road trip (selling bibles, no less) fall into the hands of a gang of nogoodnicks, and are raped and tortured, I e us killed the other left for dead and... Hell; you know the rest.

As is always the case with these things, it's all in the execution, and I'm happy to say that this one is executed perfectly.

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  1. Yup very similar opinions here. It reminded me (in its style) of Machete.