Saturday, 27 April 2013

Maniac - Will's Review

So a slasher this week - Yay! I do love me a slasher!

A very atypical one though; Maniac avoids the conventions of following a group of potential victims (a la FT13th, Elm Street) or even one stand out victim (a la Halloween), instead we follow the killer; but even for that, this isn't a "hero killer" movie, not do we understand his motives (beyond "he's crazy") for quite a while.

On the subject of his crazy, the insanity is brilliantly written and acted - this is no hammed up 'conversations with himself' insanity; this is real non-linear crazy.

As he nails each of his latest victims' scalp to a mannequin (which is his MO) he does have a habit if conversing with himself, but he switches sides of the conversation rapidly; there is no 'call and return' preformed by two distinct personalities, just a jumble of thoughts that bleed into one another. At times these little monologues genuinely unnerving, not because if any particular content, but because you could easily believe them as the ramblings of a madman.

I also found the level of remorse interesting; at times he would seem genuinely sorry for his killings, even while performing them.

It's a shame then, that the story is so straight forward, and the killings so bland; well executed (by FX maestro Tom Savinni) but dull. The only real stand-out death being when Savinni himself (appearing simply because he already cad a cast of his own head) is shot in the head, causing his head to explode in a spectacularly over the top fashion.

There are some nice quasi-supernatural parts near the end, but they aren't enough to rescue the movie.

Despite a great performance from the lead, I found the whole affaire to be a little slow; I can see why this one has been re-made.

I enjoyed it well enough, but can't recommend it due to the pace.

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  1. Yup agreed 100%. Interesting why Tom Savini appeared. I didn't know the bit about them having a cast of his head, lol.