Saturday, 20 April 2013

Run, Bitch, Run - Lisa's Review

*** SPOILERS ***

So quite a recent one for review this week.  Having seen the trailer for this one a while back, I thought it looked quite interesting.  Reading the premis, you may think... interesting?? Are you sick in the head?... well possibly, but that aside, something which needs to be said about this movie is that although it is about a horrid subject matter, it doesn't seem to take itself too seriously in its style.  This movie reminded me an awful lot of a Tarantino movie in its style and direction.

So the basic premis here is following 2 catholic schoolgirls as they go door-to-door trying to sell bibles to make money for their school.  It becomes very clear right from the start that the movie is aimed primarily at a male audience, as the girls are pretty much every inch the 'fantasy' image of a school girl, complete with short kilted skirt, long socks and a full face of make-up.. having attended a catholic school, I can assure you, this is obviously not a reality.  From this itself, I didn't take the movie seriously from the get-go and I think that's what allowed me to enjoy it for what it was.  I'm a Tarantino fan and this reminded me of him all the way through.

Back to the premis.. one of our schoolgirls, Rebecca is a little rebellious, a little naughty.. just so much to allow you a good ogle at her walking around naked and enough to also point out that our other girl (Catherine) is the stereotypical 'good girl', telling her friend off for her brazenness and making her cover up.  Soooo a good little catholic girl, a virgin obviously... I wonder who our 'Bitch' of the movie will be?

Having knocked on the wrong door, as mentioned earlier, the girls fall into a horrid world with a pimp and bad guy Lobo (who just happens to be gorgeous... some eye candy for me at least), his stuttering sidekick Clint and what can only be described as his 'bitch' Marla.  Marla happens to have an eye for the ladies too, so we are treated to some girl on girl scenes (did I mention this one seemed to be aimed at a male audience?).  Rebecca is forced to engage in sexual activity with her as Catherine looks on in sheer horror.  It is here Rebecca meets her end by way of a bullet to the head (accidentally it seems).

From here poor Catherine suffers further torture and rape by Lobo, who takes her virginity and leaves her for Clint to take a turn.  Clint however seems to take a fit of conscience as he spies Catherines rosary beads lying in the dirt and is unable to continue with his abuse.  This seems to be a staple in rape/revenge movies, we always have the guy who is fundamentally good really, but is under a bad influence.

Catherine is left for dead by Clint when she falls down a hill and bangs her head.  Of course, she comes around and makes her way to a hospital.  A mention has to go to the fact she is completely nude as Clint has taken her clothes, but there seems to be an awful lot of time spent on her naked journey to find help. When she comes around, she acquires a nurses uniform (which oddly fits her like a glove) and the rest of the movie follows her as she makes her way back to the town she met Lobo, Clint and Marla to seek her revenge.

I won't give you a blow by blow account of it, but this good girl has grown some serious balls and goes to work!  A special mention has to go to the machete rape of Lobo.  Ouch!  That's got to sting!!

As previously said, I didn't get too close to this movie.. not close enough to be disturbed by the scenes I was witnessing.  I'm not sure why, but I attribute it to the style of the movie and how it was portrayed.  The ending however was quite poignant to me and maybe a reminder of what we'd just watched and maybe how hardened we have become to not have viewed the movie on any kind of emotional level.  Maybe that was just me?  I'll be interested to hear Wills take.

I did enjoy this movie.  It was entertaining and didn't require any level of  concentration.  Its 'exactly what it says on the tin'.  Thumbs up and recommended by me.


  1. I'd actually forgotten about the ending. It certainly didn't fit stylistically with the rest of the film

    Glad I wasn't the only one feeling the Tarrentino influence.

    Given that we both felt okay about this one, I can only assume that the levity did come from the movie itself, although I honestly can't but my finger on what about this movie can possibly be described as 'lighthearted' and it may well be a damning endightment (of ourselves) that we were able to find 'fun' in a rape revenge film.

    I am glad, however, that you apparently have the same 'sickness' as me... If the male reviewer had taken the rape-movie lightly, and the female reviewer no-so-much, that would not have looked good for me!

    I'd be interested to get a reaction from someone who hasn't already sat through several of these films (possibly someone who didn't know this was a recent film) just to confirm that it's my us being warped...

  2. Glad to see you thought very similarly to me with this one. Kinda beginning to think I'm getting desensitised to these things now. It definately had a style and execution which didn't warrant offence being taken.

  3. *not us

    "My us" is clearly gibberish.

  4. *not us

    "My us" is clearly gibberish.