Sunday, 17 March 2013

Suspiria - Lisa's Review

I have watched this movie before, many years ago.  I have little recollection of it, so today I have watched it in stages as I fear I'll not get it watched at all this week otherwise.

This is going to be a pretty short review... it probably should be a pretty long one were I trying to make sense of what I have watched, but you know what?  I've decided this one isn't to be made sense of... at least not in my current state.

This is a very surreal movie.  Something you should know about me?  I hate surrelism.  I can't be arsed trying to work it out, trying to see the imagery and what it represents, trying to be all arty farty about it.  Give me a movie with a bloody storyline where I don't need a university degree to work out whats going on and I'm happy.

The surface plot is simple enough but you can tell you are meant to see and feel much more than a basic horror plot here, with colours used to emphasis certain people, scenes and moods.  The cinematography is excellent.  Some parts are absolutely beautiful to watch, but that's very much at the expense of whats going on for me.  There's only so much nice wallpaper, fancy lighting and artsy horror I want to watch.

I will give major kudos for HOW this movie is shot and how it looks, but it simply isn't the sort of thing I like or would ever chose to watch myself.  Rather than re-watch numerous parts to make sense of the movie, like I usually would... right now, I'm feeling like death warmed up, so the sofa is calling me.

I won't give this movie an 'Avoid' as it doesn't deserve it and I know a lot of people will love this movie.  It just misses the mark in a big way with me.   I'm not an Argento fan.  I didn't particularly enjoy Inferno when we watched and reviewed it for the Nasties challenge and I doubt I'll be spewing pleasantries when we move onto 'The Three Mothers'.  This simply works for some people and doesn't for others.

I'm one of the ones who quite simply can't be arsed.

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  1. I could be wrong, but I don't think there's much more going on that you saw - the plot is thin, and makes not a lot of sense.

    I'm surprised that put you off though - you liked "The Beyond", and that was mad as frogs!