Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mother of Tears - Lisa's review

*** SPOILERS ***

So a little late due to power outages with our weather, but I'm finally getting around to my review.

So the last in the trilogy of our Argento movies and I can't say I'm sad to see the back of them.  I'm just not a fan at all I'm afraid, so you can imagine where this review is going....

Something I will give this movie is that its not afraid of the old gore.  I have to admit to liking the copious amount of nasty and imaginative ways to meet the end in this movie, but it did have the same disjointed, confusing feel to it.  I suppose I just watched it for the next 'good bit'.

The basic premis surrounds a coffin being unearthed with the remains of the old mother in it.  There is also a smaller casket secured to the top with various artifacts inside.  What happens isn't hard to imagine... casket is opened and power of evil is released... even with the stereotypical 'blood from accidentally cut hand' awakening things.... yawn.

The only things for me worth mentioning are the deaths and the lovely piece of music at the end courteousy of 'Cradle of filth'.  

Amongst 'delights' we have a woman being strangled with her own intestines, a horrid double eyeball puncturing device, A severe head bashing on a puclic transport door (that one was a bit funny), poor Udo having his throat cut and his face caved in, a horrendous death by way of a metal pole inserted between a womans legs and emerging from her mouth, a rather disturbing man on fire chase scene, arms being torn off, lots of stabbings (including with spears and a BIG rock) and shootings, cannibalism.  A baby is also chucked off a bridge and hits its head on the way down.  That's absolutely horrid, even moreso than any of the rest for me.  Its all there!

So I suppose its maybe worth a watch for the sheer amount of deaths in there.  Also the end theme is quite cool and worth a listen.

Would I put an avoid or recommend on it.  Afraid not!

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