Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mother of Tears - Will's Review

And so, we bid farewell to the Three Mothers Trilogy - Meh.

Sorry for the delay by the way - I've been struck down with a nasty (and rather persistent) cold; In fact, I have been toying with the idea of giving this one a second watch-through before reviewing it, feeling I may have missed something. On reflection though, looking back at the other two films in the trilogy  a clear head is likely to have made little difference.

All that said, I'll keep this very brief, as I still feel like crap.

The "Mother of Tears" is revived when her remains are found and examined by archaeologists  and she sets too taking over Rome - and with no small success; seeming hours (at most a few days) after her resurrection  the city is crawling with witches (who look like nothing more than a very large, "The Craft" themed hen night).

The Main character (who's name I forget) is assisted by the ghost of her mother (a white witch) and the whole thing is really kind of hokey.

Worst of all; it doesn't feature any of the touches that make Argento so watchable - the cinematography is below par, the trademark primary colours and odd lighting are no where to be seen, I didn't notice any insects foreshadowing death scenes, and the whole thing (gore effects aside) looked incredibly cheap - due in part to the fact that it clearly wasn't shot on film (given its age I'd say it was DV, but if you told me it was shot on video, I'd believe you).

Some great deaths, including a woman being strangled by her own intestines; other wise a below-average effort.

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  1. Completely agreed with this one. Like the themed hen night reference ;)