Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Trip - Lisa's Review

This weeks movie review is going to be very short as I could make sod all sense of it.

To me this movie is simply a string of weird, unrelated scenes all mashed together with really irritating 60's trippy music and psychedelic overlays.

The story here is one of a young guy called Paul Groves (played by Peter Fonda) who is rather depressed to be going through a divorce.  He makes a decision to embark on an LSD trip under the guidance of his friend John, an advocate of the drug.

What follows is basically an arty farty, trippy mess of a movie.  Think Austin Powers with no funny bits... that's pretty much what it looks like.   We have a plethora of 'names' in the movie as Dennis hopper also makes an appearance.  I was also amazed to hear Jack Nicholson is responsible for this pile of tosh.

There are the usual 60's staples of nudity, sex, flower power, garish colours, funky music and questionable fashion.

Some people may enjoy this and no doubt it was probably ground breaking in the 60's, but viewed today, it has absolutely no shock value and is just dull, dull, DULL!

I have to stick an 'avoid' tag on this one purely as I don't see its relevance these days.  Maybe worth watching for nostalgia purposes?

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