Saturday, 18 May 2013

Evil Dead 2 - Will's Review.

***Spoilers for the original Evil Dead***

Many people consider ED2 to be a remake of the original; I don't think that's entirely fair. It ovens with a remake of the pertinent points of the first movie (This time the croup is gone, with only Ash and his girlfriend Lynda traveling to the cabin), but by the 7 min mark, Ash is the only survivor, and an unseen force is rushing towards him - the final shot of the first movie.

For most of the rest of the first hour, Ash is more or less on his own; Bruce Campbell does some amazing slapstick work, when his hand becomes possessed and tries to kill him.

On the subject of slapstick, the humor has been cranked right up this time around, and if people think they have a favorite line from Evil Dead, you'll usually find that it's actually from the sequel.

This time, the cast is rounded out by the daughter of the cabin's owner, her husband, and a couple of local who help them find the cabin (for a price) now that the bridge is out.

The acting is good enough (save for a couple of bad screams) with only Cambell really shining; particularly in a scene where the events have taken their toll and he has an extended fit of manic laughter.

Effects wise, despite the bigger budget, there is no massive step-up in quality from the first movie, save for a couple of very Harryhauseneque stop motion bits.

All in all, if you enjoyed The Evil Dead, you should get a kick out of Evil Dead 2.

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  1. I'm on my lonesome then for really not liking this despite enjoying the first one... I think its that 'humour in horror' thing I have difficulty reconciling....