Saturday, 4 May 2013

Blood Feast 2 - All You Can Eat - Lisa's Review

*** SPOILERS ****

I don't quite know where to begin with this weeks movie....  When it started there was much eyeball rolling in this house, but I have to admit as I watched a bit more it was definately entertaining.  Not in the way you may think.  This movie is hilarious!

It's not funny because its so monumentally crap, but it is actually played for laughs all the way.  The whole script and every character are almost cartoon in style and everything is tongue-in-cheek.  I found the humour similar to Airplane/Naked Gun type humour but with LOTS of gore.

The movie follows on from the original Blood Feast (released several decades earlier and on the DPP list) and has the original character Mr Rasmes's grandson Mr Ramses the 3rd, follow in the footsteps of his grandfather after he is possessed by his grandads statue of the Egyptian god Ishtar.  He sets to murdering lots of attractive young women, who just happen to be bridesmaids for a wedding that he is catering for.  His plan is to do what his grandfather didn't manage to do and make a 'Blood Feast' for the wedding with parts of his victims.

Surprisingly the gore is actually not too bad either in places.  You can tell this movie didn't have a big budget to play about with and true, there are some effects that are awful, but I found the appearance of the internal organs, intestines and brain to be very authentic.  There were places that made you cringe and I was quite surprised the camera didn't cut away in a lot of places, but that seemed to be what this movie did best.  Showed you the bits other movies don't.  We see a partial decapitation which goes on way longer than I thought it would.  Another scene shows a young woman have her face peeled down and her de-skinned face is still screaming.  The murderer then proceeds to saw off the top of her scalp and play with her brain in an way which would imply he was getting some kind of sexual arousal from it. This is also shown from his fingering of the holes where eyeballs used to be (removed with a little melon scooper) and the sliding of fingers into what I think was a liver?  I'm not sure...

It all sounds a bit gruesome but it is ridiculously over the top and almost comic book in style.  From the cold, opinionated, nasty mother of the bride to the innocent, cute, endearing bride.  From the young bumbling stupid police officer who vomits at every crime scene to the older, even more stupid fat partner who never stops eating EVER through the movie, even when looking over the remains of victims.  The only person in the movie who seems to have a brain cell (apart from our murderer of course) is the secretary in the police station, who of course is your stereotypical beautiful woman with hair all scooped back and glasses on.  We get to see her shake the hair down, take the glasses off and get the bits out in one of the policemans fantasies... I didn't see that coming AT ALL!

Another section of the movie shows all the bridesmaids deciding that a 'lingerie party' would be an excellent idea, so we get to see them all strip down (in a way that no woman every strips unless its for a mans benefit) to their very sexy underwear.  Similar to the needless shower scene where there is much posturing about by the nubile young woman who wears her towel around her waist man style for all of about 5 seconds when she exits the shower.

The murders are all pretty gruesome but like I said, the movie isn't to be taken seriously and is actually genuinely funny.  This is one that would probably be quite good fun to watch with a group of like-minded mates.

I struggled with whether I should recommend this one as I did enjoy it, but I decided not to as the vast majority of people would think this was absolutely dire.  I would imagine though that Will quite enjoyed this one too.

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